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MayaIndia In Front of the Camera

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! As you know, we have been using various mediums to help the world experience the sweetness of MayaIndia. Currently, you can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. 10868034_900702709949719_1871150285627317831_n We have also been featured in a few articles and on some radio shows. But guess what? Soon, you will be able to view us being interviewed on a television show! Above is a picture of me during a recent interview with Percival Dyer for his new show on a cable network. Stay tuned, more details will follow! MayaIndia is committed to reaching our public by any means necessary. Therefore, no matter how shy I might be, or how uncomfortable I feel in front of the camera, I am willing to face my fears so you will have an opportunity get to know us better. I am even going to challenge myself to share a monthly video with you about new products, what's happening with your MayaIndia crew and anything else noteworthy. A few months ago, Jeff Foxx of WBLS interviewed us on his radio show. Here's a photo of Sade Maya (right) , Ayanna India (left), Jeff and me (center). We love listening to his show on the radio and he was lots of fun to talk with. Check out our interview. 10648745_922246641122318_7484249565529943734_o   I made a promise to myself to try something new and possibly even scary, if it will help improve our connection to you. Is there anything special you'd like to see featured in a MayaIndia video? I would love to hear your thoughts. You can leave your comments below. Until next time. Stay Sweet!

Bath Bombs and Candles and Soaps, OH MY!

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! I am back from my fabulous weekend at the Tennessee Soap and Candle gathering and let me tell you- it was an adventure! 1484489_10152601455430936_1131272825234945394_n I arrived at 7:45 Friday evening (after a 2 hour flight delay) and was met at the airport by a lovely young lady named Kristin. We began our 2 hour journey from the Nashville Airport to Paris Landing State Park, where the gathering was being held. She said she wasn't exactly sure where she was going and of course, I had no idea, but I consulted with Siri and we just chatted all the way there. We finally arrived around 10:30 that night. My room was rustic, but comfy- with a great view (I discovered in the morning!) IMG_2595IMG_2589 Saturday morning, I approached the registration table and was greeted by the lovely Rachel Turner Mullen, the event organizer. Rachel and I met last September at an event in Atlanta and she is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. She owns a business called Music City Suds and you should totally go to her website and check her out! Before Rachel sent me on my way, she handed me a goodie bag FILLED with lots of great stuff. Here's Rachel giving opening remarks and my bag of goodies. IMG_2584   1545669_10152604554920936_6882667800612322864_n   I was beside myself with excitement and I knew the goodies would serve as a distraction, so I put them in my room and made it back to the conference room in time to hear the keynote speaker, Donna Maria Coles Johnson -insert big :). Donna Maria is the CEO and founder of the Indie Business Network and she always has a wealth of knowledge to impart. She shared a very personal story about how she came to follow her dreams, and it was nothing short of inspirational. I love to hear about folks who have designed their lives, even with set backs and disappointments, to be exactly what they want them to be. It was so nice to finally meet Donna Maria after several years of online conversations and discovering that we belong to the same sorority! Here's a photo we took celebrating our sisterhood. IMG_2615 After Donna Maria spoke, we heard from Benjamin Aaron, Michelle Rhodes, Amanda Griffin, Mark Williams and Kristin Schleihs. We were treated to a demo on making bath bombs by the Fizzy Queen herself, Holly Port. I can't say enough nice things about this lady. She's a fun, bubbly (no pun intended), sweet and caring person, who is always willing to help you. A true gem! IMG_2569   We also had lunch and dinner with several of the speakers, which was very nice. An intimate gathering like this, that allows the attendees an opportunity to parlay, if you will, with the speakers and ask them questions they might not normally be able to ask is an added bonus. With all the social media connections we make, sometimes we expect leaders in the industry to be larger than life, when in reality, they are regular people, who are willing to share information with anyone who asks. Here I am with some old and new friends. 11017843_10205967030393322_2278066611031092789_n   I also met my fellow Indie blogging sister, Alyssa Middleton! She has such a sweet spirit, and this weekend I found out one of the reasons why. While conversing with Alyssa's assistant, Vanessa over breakfast, I discovered that Alyssa is a social worker like me- enough said! IMG_2613 IMG_2568 The next day, I was awakened by a call at 4:30 am, informing me my 5:30 pm flight back to NY had been cancelled due to severe weather conditions. The adventure continued. Although there were several other speakers to hear, I was so distracted and worried about how I was getting back to NY, I was unable to concentrate. I made some calls and it didn't look good at all. I found myself trying to "argue" a plane into the sky with the American Airlines representative. That's when I had to stop myself, find a quiet place and say a prayer. My conversation went something like this, "I know I'm not always the most obedient child, but today, I am going to trust You because I know You ALWAYS know best." Later, when I spoke to my husband, he sent me a photo of what it looked like in front of our house and I understood why I wasn't able to go home. (Mommy always said, "God takes care of babies and fools."). I was rebooked onto a flight 8 am Sunday. FOTEA38-2 In passing I mentioned to Rachel that I was stranded and she said, "No worries, you'll stay with me." Easy peasy. Immediately, my stress level began to drop. There were presentations by Deborah Bruijn, Marge Clarke and Kayla Fioravanti and I was able to relax and enjoy them. IMG_2608 IMG_2611 Then it was time for the fun! Door prizes were given out and I left feeling like I was #winning.     11040626_10152604556020936_7393682210897264266_n   FullSizeRender-3   I wasn't the only one stranded in Nashville that night. A fellow soap maker named Michelle was also the victim of a cancelled flight and suddenly it was a sleepover at Rachel's house! Rachel and her husband were super accommodating, and I got to meet their sons- 3 cute little energetic dachshunds who are absolutely spoiled rotten! I called my husband before I retired for the night, and wouldn't you know I received another call canceling my flight back to NY!?! The adventure continues. I was really not a happy camper and was beginning to wonder if I would ever get back home. The next morning, Michelle took me to the airport- even though I was rebooked onto a 5:55 am flight TUESDAY. My husband was desperately trying to work his magic to get me back home. He made several calls and finally put me on the line with a rep who, after several failed attempts, found a flight for me. I left Tennessee at 11:00 Monday morning after a great weekend of networking and learning. But in the infamous words of Dorothy Gale, "There's no place like home!" FullSizeRender-2 Until next time, Stay sweet!

The Constant Quest for Knowledge

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! As you know, we are always on a mission to provide the most luxurious products made with the finest ingredients to help you achieve the silky smooth skin you've come to love and expect from MayaIndia. In order for us to stay current  we must hone our skills and be willing to follow the information trail. I call it the constant quest for knowledge, since that's the one thing I can never have too much of.   FullSizeRender That being said, MayaIndia will hit the road this weekend and head down to Nashville to attend the Tennessee Soap and Candle Social. It is always refreshing to be in the company of other entrepreneurs who have a passion for creating. Additionally, I love to learn new techniques, attend demonstrations about new tools and products, discuss different uses for exotic raw ingredients and most of all celebrate the success of my fellow makers. In this wonderful world of technology, I have grown comfortable connecting with people from across the globe virtually, but there's nothing more exciting and personal than face to face meetings. I look forward to meeting for the first time and reconnecting with some folks whose work I truly admire.   I'm sure I will come back all charged up with ideas for new products to add to our line. Someone may need to remind me of my promise to streamline in 2015! Until next time, Stay Sweet!

Will The Real Body Frosting Please Stand Up!

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! I was recently asked to bake my famous Red Velvet  cake for a function and while whipping up the mouthwatering cream cheese frosting, I couldn't help but marvel at how much our signature MayaIndia Body Frosting resembles real cake frosting. For a few moments, I allowed my mind to wander and reminisced on my love affair with baking and how it all began. IMG_2546 The photo on the left is me :) at about 5 years old and my Mom. We were baking a cake, and as you can see, I wasn't even tall enough to reach the counter. Mom and I spent a lot of time together in the kitchen and she taught me how to bake the richest, most decadent cakes. I lost my Mom about a year and a half ago, but long before she died, she passed on several coveted family recipes. I hold them very dear and will one day pass them on to my daughters. My Mom LOVED my baking and would always remark about how my cakes were so fresh she could taste the butter. In the photo on the right I am showing off my first "complicated" cake decorating project. I enjoyed baking so much, I was frequently commissioned to bake cakes for children's parties, family gatherings, and I even made a few wedding cakes! Everyone knew I would only bake from scratch, so their cake was going to be flavorful and delicious. I suppose my love affair with baked goods provided a natural transition to my dessert line of products, hence the tagline; Handmade Dessert for Your Skin. I love being able to imitate a dessert so closely that the finished product looks and smells authentic- except when people eat my products, but that's another story! BROWNIE SOAP DONUT SOAP   MAYAINDIA CUPCAKE SOAP So, now I'm going to share a photo of our Body Frosting in the production phase, and my Red Velvet cream cheese frosting. There is a striking resemblance wouldn't you say? Are you able to determine which is which? picstitch Until next time, Stay sweet!

MayaIndia Goes To Nicaragua

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Early this morning, we dropped Sade Maya, of MayaIndia fame, off at the airport as she embarks on an exciting mission trip with her school. She and several of her classmates were selected to take this trip and will be gone for 8 days. I often refer to her as my "Second Princess" so it will be interesting to see how she fares in the heat of Central America doing lots of manual labor. Part of their responsibilities will include digging trenches to lay pipes for new plumbing and mixing cement for flooring in the homes. I can't wait to hear about all of the exciting things she has learned. IMG_2387     The students were also asked to gather donations that they would take with them to share with the people. Some of the items requested included suitcases, school supplies, clothing, bath linen and toiletries.  Then there was a "packing party" -which looked like pandemonium when I entered the room. Items were organized by category on individual tables and each student was responsible for packing two suitcases that they would bring with them to the airport. People were hustling back and forth between tables as they tried to keep each suitcase under 50 pounds. I was absolutely astonished that they managed to pack 40 suitcases in a half hour! The beauty of teamwork in action! IMG_2521   Well of course, we just had to share some MayaIndia handmade goodness with the lovely people of Nicaragua, right? So we sent a variety of our soaps and lip balms. Then we got to thinking, we know so many amazing creators of handmade products, why not ask them if they would like to donate to this worthy cause as well?  Needless to say, several of them said YES! Special thanks to Alegna SoapsBa6 Botanicals, Scrubz, PumpleDaisy Soap Factory and Sea Blossom Soaps for their generous donations.  These lovely ladies are members of IBN and answered my call for help without hesitation. I know the Nicaraguan recipients of these special items will be able to feel the love that went into each creation as soon as they use them. IMG_2517   Well, as I am writing this, she has already made her connection in Miami and is en route to Managua, Nicaragua. It's so exciting (and scary) to watch your children taking risks and trying new things as they develop their independence. I love her fearlessness and willingness to help others and I can't wait for her to come home! I promise to follow up with some pictures and information about her journey to Nicaragua- with MayaIndia and friends in tow! Until next time, Stay sweet

Let Us WOW You This Spring!

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! I have had the pleasure of getting to know the women behind 5 phenomenal businesses since becoming a member of IBN. Each of us represents a business that we are very passionate about, and since we have such varied experiences, we all bring something unique to the table whenever we get together. It's so refreshing to have a conversation with people who actually "get it!" Honestly, the life of an entrepreneur is not always roses and rainbows and many of the things I say and do are not always understood by my contemporaries. 10830955_10152907763735993_6189525470010908808_o Fast forward to a conversation with the owners of Alegna Soap (Angela Carillo), Ba6 Botanicals (Christine Laureano), In2Ition Skin (Jenn Wojcieski), Scrubz (Roberta Perry and Michelle Tucker), Sparklefly Candles (Anne Marie Esposito) and myself. We thought we could offer a box of exceptional handmade goodness that would cause its recipients to exclaim "WOW!!" upon opening it. Welcome to the world of the W.O.W. Box.  We are quickly making our way through the planning stages and of course we want the world to know about it. Each month, our W.O.W. Box will feature a combination of products that we have created and selected especially for you. More information will be forthcoming as we work out remaining the details, but I can say with confidence that the W.O.W. Box will quickly become a necessity, an obsession and something you will look forward to from month to month. Here's a sneak peek at the mock up, but trust and believe it will be oh so fabulous when it arrives at your door. This spring- prepare to get your WOW on!! 10945538_10200179471285460_3075942356584496520_nThere's something special about collaborating with those with whom you've formed a special bond. We plan to WOW you this spring! Until next time, Stay Sweet!  

Valentine's Day Blues

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! As we prepare for the upcoming Valentine's Day celebration, I'd like to send a special message out to those who may not have someone special in their lives to shower them with chocolates and roses. Are you suffering from Valentine's Day Blues? Tired of watching the "Rose Parade" at work, wishing for a delivery of chocolates and roses that never comes? Guess what? It's totally acceptable to treat yourself to a special  Valentine's Day experience. However, I hope you would consider making this a regular occurrence and do it more often than not. We all lead busy lives, and spend lots of time doing things for others and unfortunately put ourselves on the back burner "until we get around to it." I'm not big on resolutions, but this is a good time to make a promise to yourself to carve out a half hour each week to relax, refresh, release and rejuvenate. CHOCOLATE DREAMS I'm not suggesting an expensive spa visit if that's not within your budget. However, steeping a nice cup of herbal tea- or a glass of wine if you prefer, and indulging in a warm bath complete with soft music, fragrant bath salts and maybe a candle for some mood lighting can do wonders for your state of mind. Now you're probably telling yourself the children won't let you, the house needs cleaning, there are errands to be completed, and so on, and so on. However, I believe that those 30 minutes of relaxation will help you to complete your tasks more efficiently. You will begin to look forward to your relaxing "me time" and you will emerge with a renewed sense of satisfaction in your soul.  I challenge you to try it for a month. You deserve to stop for a moment, without guilt, and indulge in some much needed pampering. Gone are the days when you must wait for someone else to validate you by showering you with gifts on a predetermined day, to recognize your worth. Celebrate your worth every day! Give yourself permission to take time out to recharge your battery. You'll be happy that you did. I would love to hear about your experience. SPA DIVA GIFTSET Until next time, Stay sweet

Introducing Shea Butter, our Ingredient of the Month

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! As promised, each month we will be featuring a different ingredient used in our Dessert for Your Skin at the MayaIndia Body Bakery and share some of its properties and benefits. Today I'd like to introduce you to a good friend of mine named Shea Butter. Shea Butter is extracted from the shea nut found on the karite tree in Africa. It is edible and widely used in cosmetics as a moisturizer, salve or lotion. According to the American Shea Butter Institute, it contains Vitamin A "which is important for improving a number of skin conditions including blemishes, wrinkles, eczema and dermatitis." In addition to these concerns, the ASBI asserts that with continued use, Shea Butter is known to alleviate dry skin, skin peeling after tanning, sunburn, skin cracks, stretch marks during pregnancy, skin allergies such as poison ivy and skin damage from heat (such as hot grease while cooking).Body Frosting That list gives me a whole lot of reasons to use Shea Butter and that's why we are such good friends! I have received several heartfelt    testimonials from customers who have experienced wonderful results subsequent to using Shea Butter following a day in the sun, or a day in extreme cold. However, you don't have to wait for extreme temperatures to use Shea Butter, it can be used every day to keep skin smooth and supple. At MayaIndia, we LOVE Shea Butter and it can be found in several of our products such as our Body Frosting, Candy Bars and even some of our Handmade Soaps. If you are not familiar with Shea Butter, these cold winter months present the perfect opportunity to become acquainted. I am positive that once you meet Shea Butter, you will become good friends too! By the way,  if you already use Shea Butter as part of your daily skin care regimen, won't you please tell us about your favorite product containing Shea Butter? We would sure love to hear about it. Until next time..... ~Stay Sweet!    

New Year Brings New Excitement

Happy New Year MayaIndia Sweeties! As you know, the New Year signifies a fresh start and an opportunity for change. Suffice it to say, we've heard lots of resolutions being made to exercise more, lose weight, eat healthier and improve one's lifestyle. The MayaIndia crew is planning to meet this new year head-on with some exciting new prospects and partnerships. We will be sharing lots of great news with you very soon, so stay tuned. Also this year, look for our spotlight on a special ingredient each month. CupcakeSoaps2We want to keep you informed about what we use in our products and how it can benefit you. And of course, we will continue to offer fun contests and giveaways from time to time. You may need to connect with us at our Facebook and Instagram pages @MayaIndiaSpa to be entered to win. In the meantime, we're going to satisfy our appetite for delicious sweets by enjoying a relaxing bath with some delicious cupcake soaps. They are the perfect solution for an insatiable sweet tooth because they're calorie free indulgence! I think I'll have the strawberry. What's your favorite fragrance? Until next time- stay sweet!

Sweet Summer Libations....Soap!

Hey there MayaIndia Sweeties! With Summer in full swing, it's difficult to look ahead to Fall- so let's just enjoy the moment! Did you know MayaIndia is featuring a new trio of handmade soaps deliciously scented like Margarita, Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri?You can check out a photo of the prize here: Last week we ran a contest in celebration of reaching 200 likes on our Facebook page. Just in case you were unaware, we're going to do it again, just for you! Just go to our FB page and follow us at Leave a comment about a product you have tried or would like to try, and you're entered! The drawing will take place August 15th and the winner will receive one of each of our sweet Summer soaps. Easy Peasy! I hope you know we've been busy trying out new fragrances and developing new products just for you~ stay tuned for some uber- exciting news! In the meantime, go like our page and Stay Sweet! Roslyne

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