Let Us WOW You This Spring!

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! I have had the pleasure of getting to know the women behind 5 phenomenal businesses since becoming a member of IBN. Each of us represents a business that we are very passionate about, and since we have such varied experiences, we all bring something unique to the table whenever we get together. It's so refreshing to have a conversation with people who actually "get it!" Honestly, the life of an entrepreneur is not always roses and rainbows and many of the things I say and do are not always understood by my contemporaries. 10830955_10152907763735993_6189525470010908808_o Fast forward to a conversation with the owners of Alegna Soap (Angela Carillo), Ba6 Botanicals (Christine Laureano), In2Ition Skin (Jenn Wojcieski), Scrubz (Roberta Perry and Michelle Tucker), Sparklefly Candles (Anne Marie Esposito) and myself. We thought we could offer a box of exceptional handmade goodness that would cause its recipients to exclaim "WOW!!" upon opening it. Welcome to the world of the W.O.W. Box.  We are quickly making our way through the planning stages and of course we want the world to know about it. Each month, our W.O.W. Box will feature a combination of products that we have created and selected especially for you. More information will be forthcoming as we work out remaining the details, but I can say with confidence that the W.O.W. Box will quickly become a necessity, an obsession and something you will look forward to from month to month. Here's a sneak peek at the mock up, but trust and believe it will be oh so fabulous when it arrives at your door. This spring- prepare to get your WOW on!! 10945538_10200179471285460_3075942356584496520_nThere's something special about collaborating with those with whom you've formed a special bond. We plan to WOW you this spring! Until next time, Stay Sweet!  
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