The Constant Quest for Knowledge

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! As you know, we are always on a mission to provide the most luxurious products made with the finest ingredients to help you achieve the silky smooth skin you've come to love and expect from MayaIndia. In order for us to stay current  we must hone our skills and be willing to follow the information trail. I call it the constant quest for knowledge, since that's the one thing I can never have too much of.   FullSizeRender That being said, MayaIndia will hit the road this weekend and head down to Nashville to attend the Tennessee Soap and Candle Social. It is always refreshing to be in the company of other entrepreneurs who have a passion for creating. Additionally, I love to learn new techniques, attend demonstrations about new tools and products, discuss different uses for exotic raw ingredients and most of all celebrate the success of my fellow makers. In this wonderful world of technology, I have grown comfortable connecting with people from across the globe virtually, but there's nothing more exciting and personal than face to face meetings. I look forward to meeting for the first time and reconnecting with some folks whose work I truly admire.   I'm sure I will come back all charged up with ideas for new products to add to our line. Someone may need to remind me of my promise to streamline in 2015! Until next time, Stay Sweet!
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