Fragrance Selections

Byron: This fragrance is part of our men’s line and reminiscent of a popular men's cologne. Clean and crisp but not too strong, this is a scent he’s sure to love.

Cherry Pie: Sweet and juicy cherries with a hint of almond extract and just the right amount of sugar on top of the pie crust- yup, that's what you'll experience.

Chocolicious: A Chocoholics’s dream. Smooth, rich chocolate laced with a hint of caramel and vanilla, without the calories. Careful, someone might be tempted to take a nibble! *Available during Valentine's Day Season

Drama Queen: She’s fruity, sassy, delicious- and all about the Drama! Sweet cherries with a splash of ginger ale bubbles tickling your nose-delicious! 

Lemon Pound Cake: Can you remember the aroma of a delicious homemade Lemon Pound Cake fresh out of the oven? Tangy lemons, creamy butter, sweet vanilla......mmmmm! 

#44: In honor of our 44th President, this fragrance will give him that Presidential Swagger! A clean, smooth, and masculine blend of sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla.

             Summertime Fine Fragrance Line (Available May-September)

Candied Pear: Crisp, fragrant pears, with a sweet, sugary glaze. *Available May-September

Juicy Mango: The result of sweet, juicy mangoes blended with fresh kiwi fruit  to delight the senses. *Available May-September

Luscious Pineapple: After our trip to Jamaica, we decided to add this delicious fragrance to our seasonal lineup. Sweet, juicy pineapple is a Summertime Exclusive- once summer is gone, it will be too! *Available May-September

Sparkling Lemonade: What’s more refreshing than a cold glass of sweet lemonade on a hot summer day? Add the effervescence of lemon lime soda, and you’ve got your answer! This is a Summertime Exclusive-once summer is gone, it will be too! *Available May-September

Poppin' Pomegranate: A sweet blend of pomegranate, florals and citrus. *Available May-September 


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