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The Power of Social Media

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Today we celebrated Men's Day at my church. A few weeks ago, the pastor asked all of the men of the church to purchase newly printed polo shirts and wear them today. Don't they look great? FullSizeRender-20 In case you've never worshipped in a Baptist church before, there's a point in the service when all visitors are invited to stand, state their name and church affiliation. Today a young man stood up and said he was Tobias Harris, visiting from Orlando, Florida. He was sitting in my row on the opposite side of the church and I observed that he was awfully tall. When the pastor announced that he plays for the Orlando Magic I thought, "Wow, no wonder he looks so tall!" Then he was asked how he found our church and he said, he found us on social media and thought he would worship with us today. Well, isn't social media grand? Although this young man is originally from Long Island, he grew up in a town about 30 minutes away from where I live and worship and he was not already familiar with my church. So he found us on social media, traveled a half hour from his neighborhood, to worship at our church, all because  he saw something he liked on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If I had been able to forge my way through the crowd of children who were lined up to get his autograph, I would have certainly asked Tobias what it was, specifically, that intrigued him enough about our church that he felt compelled to visit today. Alas, I doubt I will ever know, but it certainly confirms the fact that social media done right, provides a powerful marketing tool. By the way, just in case you're not a basketball fan, Tobias Harris is a power forward for the Orlando Magic. I learned that he attended the same high school my daughter is currently attending during his junior year. I also want to note that he was very humble and gracious and took lots of photos with the children and adult worshippers this morning. FullSizeRender-22   Until next time, Stay Sweet!

Showers of Happiness

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Here in the tri-state area, we have been experiencing showers most of the day. FullSizeRender-18 That didn't stop me and a few of my sorority sisters from hitting the road and traveling 2 1/2 hours to south Jersey for a bridal shower. The lady pictured  with me is the past president of my chapter of the sorority I belong to. She is one of the nicest ladies I know and I wouldn't have missed her shower no matter how hard the rain came down! I got up bright and early and zipped over to  Sur La Table, where she was registered to purchase a gift card and I was ready to go. Thank goodness I didn't have to take that ride by myself. Three of my sorority sisters accompanied me and we shared lots of laughs on our journey to the shower. I know I mentioned buying a  gift card, but of course you know I also shared some fresh and delicious MayaIndia products with her as well. She is among the first to receive one of our newest summer releases, Sparkling Lemonade Body Frosting. She also received Lemon Pound Cake Bath Syrup (her favorite), Handmade Soap, Lemon Pound Cake Smoothie Scrub packaged in a beautiful keepsake box. I think her smile really says it all! FullSizeRender-19 We had heavy downpours on our ride back home, but I was in good company and we made it safely back home. I was happy to be a part of her special day and can't wait to watch her exchange her vows in Jamaica this summer. I promise to share pictures when we travel to sunny Jamaica for the wedding. Until next time, Stay Sweet!

Hair We Come!

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Can I just tell you we have been receiving multiple requests for hair products and for a long time, I didn't give it much thought. FullSizeRender-16 I would file the requests in my mental rolodex and convince myself we didn't need to add another product to our line. Then one day, a friend (and faithful customer) told me she used our Hair and Body Soufflé in her daughter's natural hair and commented on how it left her hair soft and manageable. I was pleased to hear our products helped make her morning routine easier and began to think about the prospects of a line of natural hair products. I decided I didn't want to overwhelm myself with a full line and decided three or four products was sufficient for starters. My Mom was a licensed cosmetologist and owned her own salon for many years, so I grew up around hair. She always emphasized the importance of moisturizing and conditioning, so that was what I decided would be the first product. I named the line MayaIndia Organic Hair Affair, and gave out samples of my Hair Butter to willing testers. IMG_2683 So far, the feedback has been very positive. I also shared a deep conditioning Hair Mask and Hair Serum with friends and family, again receiving positive responses. My God-sister is an artist and she agreed to assist with the logo design. She did a fabulous job adding her original artwork to one of the images from the existing MayaIndia logo. FullSizeRender-17 We will be continuing to test the products before they are ready to be sold to the public, but we promise to keep you posted on our progress. Soon enough the line will be ready and then, Hair We Come! Until next time, Stay Sweet!

All By Myself

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Tomorrow begins the first official day of summer vacation in my world. IMG_0316 School will be closed for two glorious months and I get to spend lots of quiet time enjoying my own company. That's not to say I won't enjoy special family time and a vacation get away or two, but I will also have time to do whatever I want. As I get older, I'm beginning to realize I really enjoy my own company more than I ever have before. I love to read, bake, craft, work on little projects around the house and of course, create the products in the MayaIndia line. It has become very easy for me to get lost in my own thoughts while creating, especially after spending ten months each year focused intently on the thoughts and feelings of others. Although I don't consider myself much of a "nature girl," being outside and taking in the fresh air, observing the beauty all around me and just giving thanks for the opportunity to enjoy it all has become very comforting to me. This summer, I plan to read at least six books, take a morning and/or evening walk daily, plant some pretty flowers, and ride my bicycle three times each week. Maybe you can help me reach my goals by holding me accountable. What are your summer plans? Are you comfortable being alone with yourself? If so, what do you like to do during your "me time?" I'd love to know, leave your comments below. Until next time, Stay Sweet.

Honoring the Charleston 9

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! It's been one week since the horrific shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina where nine members attending Bible study were murdered by a hate-filled young man. 11535840_10153057943682832_491315586965951853_n Although I waited one full week to try to address this topic, it still brings so many emotions to the surface. In speaking with one of my closest friends, who hails from South Carolina, I learned that Rev. Pinckney was an extremely powerful speaker. She likened him to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King in his delivery of the Word.  He was actually a personal friend of her family, and her sister-in-law was at the church just before the shooting, but left to grab a quick meal before returning for Bible study. Had she remained, she would have been among those killed that evening. Several of those murdered were members of the Divine Nine, fraternities and sororities that were founded at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). They were: Rev. Clementa Pinckney, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated Myra Thompson, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated Rev. Daniel Simmons, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated Cynthia Hurd, A member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Rev. Sharonda Singleton, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated In the days following the shooting, I read that Dylann Roof was very intentional in choosing the oldest black church of the south. A church that has a rich history and legacy within the community. It is my understanding that his intention was to cause more division between the races, however his attempts have failed. What he probably didn't know is that African Americans have already suffered so much adversity that strength and resilience will always overpower any attempts to cast down and destroy. I applaud the families of the victims and the members of  "Mother Emanuel Church" for holding on to their faith, keeping their heads held high and handling this deplorable incident with such dignity and grace. They are truly examples of Christianity at its best. Until next time, Stay Sweet!

Experience the Sweetness of MayaIndia

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! That's me, sharing MayaIndia's sweetness with a new customer. 10347786_940708665942782_7683552846480948498_n I've been reviewing photos from previous events we have attended or hosted, and I am so excited about the way we continue to reach more and more people every year. 1474649_755294467817537_938638037_n We have attended events held locally and in other states and I am always tickled by the responses I receive when potential customers initially smell MayaIndia products. First they inhale, then their eyes light up, then there's an unmistakable smile that lets me know they are very pleased with their experience. Today I sent eight bars of Lemon Poppyseed Soap to a customer in Rochester, NY. We met this past April at an event in Delaware and she fell in love with her soap. I have had people tell me they leave their soap in the bathroom as a room freshener, they place it in their lingerie drawer, put it under their pillow at night and a gentleman once told me he places a bar in each of his shoes!  Wherever they choose to use it, I am so pleased that my customers appreciate handmade products and I hope they will all eventually use their soap. Yesterday my co worker, Robbin, who I have been gifting with my soaps for at least 5 years, told me she used one for the first time this week. She said it was so creamy on her skin and made such a lather and she loves how soft it makes her skin feel. Now her MayaIndia soaps are all lined up in her bathroom and ready to be used! What a great compliment! I really enjoy hearing stories from satisfied customers. It makes my heart smile. Here are some photos of customers experiencing the sweetness of MayaIndia. 10525901_889005817779734_2561422355164808001_n 10459876_871556279524688_3683756072265013000_n 1395186_720336001313384_2137119634_n                   Have you experienced our products yet? If so, which one is your favorite? I'd really love to know. Until next time, Stay Sweet!

The Power of I AM

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Today I spent some time reflecting on the message I received in Sunday service yesterday. IMG_2727 The pastor spoke about the horrific massacre of 9 members of the Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina last week (more about this topic another day). He also spoke about Rachel Dolezar, a Caucasian woman who has been masquerading as an African American woman for several years. For weeks, her story has been unfolding and the more details I heard, the more I began to ask myself why some people are so unhappy with who they are. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not upset that Rachel wants to be an African American woman because, frankly, I LOVE being an African American woman. I do think it is wrong, however, to mislead people and misrepresent yourself while seeking employment, leading organizations, receiving recognition as a public figure, etc.  Unfortunately, Rachel thought that a hair style and good tan would propel her into the race of her choice, but that was very dishonest. I wonder if Rachel knew the actual history of the NAACP and that it was founded by many white abolitionists along with some black people. I think she could have accomplished the same goals as an honest Caucasian woman that she did as someone perpetrating as an African American woman. 10360543_1398844150439652_6293205814907425549_n I also wonder if she knows the power of I AM. These two words, and what you choose to follow them are extremely important and powerful. Joel Osteen says whatever you say after I AM will come looking for you, so you must make it a positive statement. Here are some examples of the I AM statements I like to say: I AM Strong. I AM Victorious. I AM Blessed. I AM Creative. I AM Prosperous. I AM Healthy. I AM Surrounded by God's favor. I pray Rachel figures out who she is and then begins the work of acceptance. She probably has a good soul, she was just focused on the outside instead of the inside. I believe that God made us all in His image. He hand picked every characteristic we have and gave us certain gifts. For us to reject HIS individualized design that was chosen just for us is just plain disrespectful. Until next time, Stay Sweet!

A Tribute To My Father

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! On this Father's Day, I am dedicating this post to the first man I ever loved. 34852_146336155380041_1977648_n I think I grew up believing that my father was the only person on earth who understood me. He was always patient, caring and he loved to teach me new things. Being the oldest child, I was his shadow for quite a few years (until my brother came along!) My Dad taught me how to plant flowers in the garden, fix my bicycle chain when it came off, use a hammer, wrench, pliers and various screwdrivers- all at pretty young age. When I was 13, I got a beautiful Victorian dollhouse for Christmas that needed to be assembled. Every evening after he returned home from work, Dad and I would work on the dollhouse. He taught me how to follow the complicated instructions to build the house before we painted it. He patiently showed me how to assemble the furniture also. We spent hours sanding and staining the pieces before carefully gluing them together. When it was completed, the dollhouse was absolutely beautiful! More important than the dollhouse itself was the time spent bonding with my father. I will always cherish those memories. Now I create great gifts for him that he can enjoy from the MayaIndia Collection. Here is our Father's Day promotion, and of course Dad gets one too! 11206963_1095852610428386_659917658928177374_n After we lost my Mom, I felt an urge to become Dad's protector. It was a strange role reversal, because he was there for me no matter what the circumstance. It's been almost two years and I still call him at least three times week and insist he informs me when he's going out of town. Someone tried to tease me once, saying I was such a "Daddy's girl," i just smiled and nodded. Yes, I am a Daddy's girl, a title I proudly accept. Happy Father's Day to my Dad and all of the other wonderful fathers who have positively influenced a child. Feel free to share a special memory of your father with us! 11427389_1117923548221292_7475814268074495039_o Until next time, Stay Sweet!

MayaIndia Visits the Mayan Ruins

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! A few days ago, I shared my sentiments about a fantastic cruise your MayaIndia crew took last summer. IMG_0813   Our ship stopped in Mexico and we decided to visit the Mayan Ruins. It was a very interesting and educational tour and it was incredibly HOT!! There was so much to learn and see and the ruins were amazing. I can remember history lessons where we learned about the ruins being built and it was so nice to see them up close and personal. FullSizeRender-14   Our excursion also included lunch on the beach and lots of fun in the sun. Sade Maya and Ayanna India were the first ones in the water and it was not easy to drag them out when it was time to leave! IMG_0818 I am so thankful for the opportunity to expose them to historic sites coupled with phenomenal vacation experiences. They love to travel and visit new and exciting places. As I write this, Sade Maya is on a plane traveling to Spain for a study abroad program. She loves the Spanish language, food and culture. I am astonished at how well she has been able to master the language, not to mention the terrific grades she earns in this subject. We have lots of other travel destinations on our lists. I would love to take a trip to Fiji, it looks like such a beautiful and serene vacation spot. Where would you like to spend your next vacation? I'd love to hear about it. Until next time, Stay Sweet!

Enjoying Grand Diva Status

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! As you may recall, my oldest child, Marcus, got married 3 years ago to my lovely daughter in law, Diahan. 340356_342310362461438_1578777005_o Then, two years ago, I was ushered in the prestigious "Grand Diva's Club" when my granddaughter, Addison Taylor was born. addison Soon after her birth, the question arose, "What will she call me?" At that time, my Mom was still with us, and my children called her "Nana," - so that name was already taken. And frankly, I just didn't see the titles "Grand Ma" or "Granny" being suitable for me either. Then a co-worker suggested "Glam Ma" and I thought- "Hmmm, that might work, since I do try to be glamorous whenever possible." Two years later, I am still Glam Ma, and I love it! Unfortunately, I don't see Addison very often, since she lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and I live in New York, but when I do, it's a very special time for me. 1085180_678007885546196_398298014_o 1074529_678006565546328_1023200601_o IMG_2114             I observed my parents' transformation when their grandchildren were born and I almost didn't know who they were. They seemed so happy all the time and much more permissive than I recall when I was a child. This behavior was so foreign to me, I often felt like there was some sort of invasion of the body snatchers happening right before my eyes! Of course, I get it now. There is a shift that occurred when I became a grandparent that allows me to be more relaxed and really sit back and enjoy  the precious moments I have. I feel that I was successful at raising my own children. Therefore, I feel less inclined to jump in and assist in raising my grandchild because I know she is receiving a foundation similar to the one I instilled in her father. Besides, it's so much more fun to sing, play, dance and blow bubbles! FullSizeRender (4) I am enjoying watching Addison grow and thankfully, technology allows her to see us and still become familiar with us via Face Time, despite the distance. IMG_0081IMG_1233   IMG_1869               As we search our hearts for understanding of the terrible tragedies that are happening around us daily, one thing has become abundantly clear to me- no matter who you are, tomorrow is not promised, so it is imperative that we LIVE today. Until next time, Stay Sweet!  

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