About Us

When I was a little girl, my mother taught me how to bake. What a fun, creative outlet and a very special bonding time for Mommy and me. As I developed my baking skills, I also learned more intricate designs. Family and friends looked forward to the special homemade baked treats that I served at every holiday gathering.Years later, after marrying and having my own children, I shared some of my Mom's recipes with my girls and we began our own baking traditions. We all agreed Nana's recipes were the best! You must be wondering, where the skincare line comes in? Well, MayaIndia was born in 2004 after several years of mixing my own “lotions and potions” to remedy my daughters’ dry, itchy skin. When I discovered several friends shared similar dry skin issues, I began blending butters and oils for them also. Soon I became the “Chief Mixologist,” and MayaIndia was born-named after the children it was created for, Sade Maya and Ayanna India. It wasn't until I began soap making that my father shared an interesting family fact. His mother, my grandmother (named India), was also a soap maker! Who would have known that my daughter, Ayanna India- who was named after Grandma India, would one day be part of the inspiration behind our family business named MayaIndia! God is always at work, preparing a path for us.

At  MayaIndia we create exquisitely enticing luxury body confections that pamper busy moms and their posh princesses. I'm sure you would agree that juggling children, career, household responsibilities and other activities make it difficult to keep all the balls in the air. It is crucial that we take some time out to relax, regroup and recharge. Enter MayaIndia, the luxury product line providing delectable Me Time. As you peruse our site, you will see I have fused my love for delicious, homemade baked goods within the creation of each of our Handmade Body Confections. Our products are made with Organic Oils and Butters- NEVER any sulfates or parabens and NEVER tested on animals. I strive to bring you an authentic experience by recreating the appearance and fragrance that closely matches each unique bakery inspired bath treat. All of our products are whipped up fresh at the MayaIndia Body Bakery located in Long Island, NY. and shipped straight to you. Indulge your senses with the most luxurious, delectable sweet treats ever created especially for your SKIN to eat! I grant you permission to pamper! 

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