Will The Real Body Frosting Please Stand Up!

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! I was recently asked to bake my famous Red Velvet  cake for a function and while whipping up the mouthwatering cream cheese frosting, I couldn't help but marvel at how much our signature MayaIndia Body Frosting resembles real cake frosting. For a few moments, I allowed my mind to wander and reminisced on my love affair with baking and how it all began. IMG_2546 The photo on the left is me :) at about 5 years old and my Mom. We were baking a cake, and as you can see, I wasn't even tall enough to reach the counter. Mom and I spent a lot of time together in the kitchen and she taught me how to bake the richest, most decadent cakes. I lost my Mom about a year and a half ago, but long before she died, she passed on several coveted family recipes. I hold them very dear and will one day pass them on to my daughters. My Mom LOVED my baking and would always remark about how my cakes were so fresh she could taste the butter. In the photo on the right I am showing off my first "complicated" cake decorating project. I enjoyed baking so much, I was frequently commissioned to bake cakes for children's parties, family gatherings, and I even made a few wedding cakes! Everyone knew I would only bake from scratch, so their cake was going to be flavorful and delicious. I suppose my love affair with baked goods provided a natural transition to my dessert line of products, hence the tagline; Handmade Dessert for Your Skin. I love being able to imitate a dessert so closely that the finished product looks and smells authentic- except when people eat my products, but that's another story! BROWNIE SOAP DONUT SOAP   MAYAINDIA CUPCAKE SOAP So, now I'm going to share a photo of our Body Frosting in the production phase, and my Red Velvet cream cheese frosting. There is a striking resemblance wouldn't you say? Are you able to determine which is which? picstitch Until next time, Stay sweet!
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