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Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! That's me, sharing MayaIndia's sweetness with a new customer. 10347786_940708665942782_7683552846480948498_n I've been reviewing photos from previous events we have attended or hosted, and I am so excited about the way we continue to reach more and more people every year. 1474649_755294467817537_938638037_n We have attended events held locally and in other states and I am always tickled by the responses I receive when potential customers initially smell MayaIndia products. First they inhale, then their eyes light up, then there's an unmistakable smile that lets me know they are very pleased with their experience. Today I sent eight bars of Lemon Poppyseed Soap to a customer in Rochester, NY. We met this past April at an event in Delaware and she fell in love with her soap. I have had people tell me they leave their soap in the bathroom as a room freshener, they place it in their lingerie drawer, put it under their pillow at night and a gentleman once told me he places a bar in each of his shoes!  Wherever they choose to use it, I am so pleased that my customers appreciate handmade products and I hope they will all eventually use their soap. Yesterday my co worker, Robbin, who I have been gifting with my soaps for at least 5 years, told me she used one for the first time this week. She said it was so creamy on her skin and made such a lather and she loves how soft it makes her skin feel. Now her MayaIndia soaps are all lined up in her bathroom and ready to be used! What a great compliment! I really enjoy hearing stories from satisfied customers. It makes my heart smile. Here are some photos of customers experiencing the sweetness of MayaIndia. 10525901_889005817779734_2561422355164808001_n 10459876_871556279524688_3683756072265013000_n 1395186_720336001313384_2137119634_n                   Have you experienced our products yet? If so, which one is your favorite? I'd really love to know. Until next time, Stay Sweet!
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