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MayaIndia's Secret to Smooth Summer Skin

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Now that summer is in full swing, we should all be showing off our best looking skin ever. Depositphotos_42518213_l-2015 If by some chance you're a not quite ready to take it all off, MayaIndia has your smooth skin solution. The secret to silky smooth skin lies within the 3 S's. Sounds like a special code doesn't it? Well, maybe it is. Let me help you break the code. First, you want to start by cleansing your skin with a moisturizing handmade soap- like our Lemon Poppyseed soap. 2037_22 After your skin is nice and clean, it's time to exfoliate, you should try our Smoothie Scrub. This is your chance to gently slough away any dry, flaky skin that might be hanging around and blocking your shine. I recommend you try our Lemon Pound Cake Smoothie Scrub (pictured on the left). 2037_54-1Just apply a scoop of the Smoothie Scrub to damp skin using a circular motion while you're in the shower. When the sugar has dissolved, rinse your skin well.  Please be very careful when exiting the tub or shower as the oil from the scrub may leave your tub or shower's surface a little slick, and we don't want you to fall. Take a moment to pat your skin dry, then follow up with our Sparkling Lemonade Soufflé, a beautifully rich moisturizer. Sparkling Lemonade is our special new seasonal fragrance that will only be available until the end of the summer. 11050691_1095867643760216_1907005766470834621_n I am suggesting the Soufflé during the summer months because it's lighter than the Body Frosting- which I usually recommend during the colder months. Once you have followed the 3 S's regimen, your skin will be silky smooth and then no one can block your shine! Give it a try and let us know your experience. Until next time, Stay Sweet!

Community Service Is In My Blood Part-2

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! I'm back with more about my love for community service and how it relates to MayaIndia. picstitch-9 Yesterday I told you about my service activities through my beloved sorority, Delta Sigma Theta.  In this photo I am receiving another award for Outstanding Community Service from the National Pan Hellenic Council Nassau Suffolk. I was nominated for this award by my chapter and I am pictured with other members of my sorority who were also receiving awards that evening. Through Gorgeous Gifts and Gourmet Goodies and MayaIndia,  we have Donated books to children living in an orphanage in Africa. Donated gift baskets to the annual fundraiser at SadeMaya's school each year for the past three years. Donated back packs and school supplies to needy children. Given blankets to the residents of a local nursing home Sent handmade soaps to Nicaragua with SadeMaya when she traveled there on a mission trip. Donated gourmet gift baskets to various organizations who solicited assistance. Since SadeMaya and AyannaIndia are intricately involved with this business, I felt it was important for them to also recognize the importance of giving back to our community as well as those in need. They are involved as often as possible with our community service efforts so they too can experience how good it feels to help others. I guess you can say community service is in their blood too! Are you involved in any community service efforts? Tell us about them below. Until next time, Stay Sweet!

Community Service Is In My Blood-Part 1

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! I have been meaning to share some news with you about an honor I recently received. IMG_3054 In April, I received an award from the National Association of Negro and Professional Women's Central Nassau Club for Outstanding Community Service. Although I was humbled by the honor, it really is second nature for me to be helping others. As a  clinical social worker, my employment opportunities have led me to positions at both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric facilities, teenage parenting programs, group homes and currently a public high school. I get paid to help others and I love what I do. I believe my purpose here on earth is to help people, especially children, because I feel they are the most vulnerable-usually helpless and voiceless. However, this award was not for the services I provide and get paid for, rather it was for the other activities within the community I so love to participate in. As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated I enjoy serving on various committees that have allowed me to:
  • Conduct self esteem and entrepreneurship workshops for teenage girls.
  • Assist in school supply collection and preparing breakfast for homeless students.
  • Provide mentoring for girls placed in a residential facility.
  • Identify needy families and distribute supermarket gift cards during the Thanksgiving holiday season.
  • Conduct an annual suit drive and donate the items to Dress for Success.
  • Work with the women in a local homeless shelter.
  • Assist in collection of non- perishable food items and donate them to a local church's food pantry.
  • Play BINGO each month with the residents of a nursing home in the area.
  • Chaperone our annual HBCU College Tour, visiting 7 universities with approximately 40 high school students.
People often ask me why I am still involved in a sorority at my age. I am so blessed to be involved with the GREATEST sorority in the world! This organization is all about sisterhood, scholarship and service and as you can see, service is in my blood! Tomorrow, I'll share Part 2 of my community service activities. Until next time, Stay Sweet!  

SadeMaya Returns from Spain

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Yesterday afternoon, SadeMaya (of MayaIndia fame) returned home from Spain and brought me some great gifts. picstitch-8 She spent 2 weeks studying at the donQuijote School of Languages in an intense total immersion course. Her instructors spoke exclusively in Spanish and the challenge was to develop improved conversational fluency and increase vocabulary. She traveled 8 hours to Madrid and an additional hour to her final destination, Granada. SadeMaya and 9 other students were accompanied by 2 teachers from their school who served as their chaperones. In addition to classroom learning, they experienced the culture with visits to cathedrals, mosques, Arabic and Moroccan market places and Flamenco dance lessons.   IMG_3115 They toured Alhambra, un pueblo que es la casa de varios palacios (a town that is home to multiple palaces). IMG_3117 At a local teteria (tea house), she enjoyed Atardecer de Granada (Sunset in Granada- black tea with caramel, vanilla, jasmine and mauve. IMG_3118 They toured Las Cuervas de Nerja (the Caves of Nerja) IMG_3114 Swam in the Mediterranean Sea IMG_2996 IMG_2997   Sampled delicious foods and desserts IMG_3112 IMG_3113 I am so thankful for technology and the ability to FaceTime my daughter while she was miles away. Despite the 6 hour difference, I spent many evenings, hearing about her exciting learning experience and their adventures in the 104 degree heat in Grenada. At the end of the second week at donQuijote, an exam was administered to the 4 students who were in the advanced class. I am happy to report, SadeMaya scored 100% on her exam. FullSizeRender-26 IMG_3804                 I do believe this trip was an absolute success! Do you have any special adventures planned for this summer? Tell me about them below. Until next time, Stay Sweet!      

Missing N'awlins Today

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Happy 4th of July! One year ago today, I was in New Orleans with my college roommate Carmen. We've remained friends for over 20 years! IMG_1364 She insisted we travel to New Orleans to experience the 20th anniversary of the Essence Music Festival. If you've never been to New Orleans, please put this trip on your bucket list. The festival was fantastic, but in addition, the people of New Orleans are super friendly, and the food is phenomenal! We stayed at the W, a cute boutique hotel located in the French Quarter. picstitch-6 I hadn't attended the Essence Fest since 2004, so I was really excited about the trip. Of course, airline tickets to fly anywhere on July 4th weekend were outrageously priced, so Carmen suggested I fly into Houston, where she lives, and we would drive six hours to New Orleans.  Although six hours might sound like a long drive, it was like old times and we had a blast! As usual, I had to sample the traditional fare, first on my list was my favorite, a Shrimp Po Boy. I wasn't adventurous enough to try the fried gator, but maybe on my next trip! Of course there was lots to see. picstitch-7 The concert was fantastic. Three days of live performances by some of my favorites including Prince, Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige, Charlie Wilson and Erika Badu. There were many more performers, but those artists made the trip so worthwhile for me. I enjoyed myself so much, I decided to try to recreate some of the flavors of N'awlins, as the locals call it, with my family. I brought back seasonings, etouffe mix, Cafe Du Monde Beignet Mix and pralines. Simply YUMMY! 10501727_877872478893068_2489445659586738495_n I was unable to go back to New Orleans this year because Sade Maya was studying in Spain and just returned this afternoon. Suffice it to say I will definitely be looking forward to my next opportunity to visit again and enjoy all that New Orleans has to offer. Have a happy 4th of July! Until next time, Stay Sweet!

I Swoon for Macaroons!

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! I was walking in the mall the other day and passed a popular dessert company's kiosk called Whoops! traditional french colorful macarons in a box Maybe you've heard of them. They are famous for these cute and colorful French macaroons. This wasn't my first time seeing them in the mall, but I noticed they moved to a more visible location in the main thoroughfare, and appear to be doing quite well.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I am on a mission to try an adjustment to my eating habits (notice I didn't use the "d" word), and macaroons would not be part of the new plan. However, the sweet aroma and bright cheerful colors almost drew me in. As I walked by, I glanced ever so slightly to my left and for just one moment, imagined biting into the crisp outer layer and tasting the sweet chocolate ganache.... WAIT!!!  Not part of the plan!! I continued walking past the kiosk and resisted the temptation- but let me tell you, it wasn't easy. Of course, a few feet further, I had to pass Baked by Melissa and Auntie Annie's too. If you asked me, they are all the devil!! When I got home, I decided to make some MayaIndia Macaroon Soap. Here are some featured on our site. FullSizeRender-25 I figured that was a healthy alternative to actually eating macaroons, don't you agree? The macaroon flavor of the day at the MayaIndia Body Bakery was lemon. Do you like macaroons? What's your favorite flavor? Leave your comment below. Until next time, Stay Sweet!

Started From The Bottom Now She's HERE

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! IMG_3761 Being the parent of a teenager, I am exposed to a variety of music genre, some of which I would probably never listen to if left up to me. It can be a blessing and a curse, because I have to take the good with (what I view as) the bad. There's a song by Drake called, "Started From the Bottom," where the artist speaks about his journey to fame and fortune. He wants his listeners to know he wasn't born successful, he started at the bottom- but make no mistake, he has arrived! Yesterday, I wrote about Misty Copeland, who no doubt overcame some major hurdles during her journey to her new position as principal ballerina for the American Ballet Theatre. But, have you heard the story of Michaela DePrince? Michaela was born in poverty in Sierra Leone. Her father was shot by rebels and soon after her mother died from starvation. The villagers referred to her as the "devil child" because she had a skin condition called vitiligo and at three years old, was left to die. picstitch-5 A family member eventually put her in an orphanage and although she was ranked by the orphanage as least likely to be adopted, she was, by an American couple. Michaela began taking ballet lessons as a little girl, and the rest is history! IMG_3749 She is one of very few black classically trained ballerinas and a true example of hope and inspiration for  little brown girls everywhere. Michaela's book, co-written with her mother called "Taking Flight," is another addition to my summer reading list. I am in awe of this young lady and her drive and tenacity. She is another example of how, regardless of our start in life, we can achieve our biggest dreams. Joel Osteen once said, "What appears to be a set back, is actually a Set Up!" Are you ready for your set up? I am! picstitch-4 Until next time, Stay Sweet!

Misty Says Dream BIGGER

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! IMG_3741 Well by now, you must have heard that after 14 years with the American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland has been promoted to the position of principal dancer. She is the FIRST African American principal dancer in the 75 year history of the company. What an absolute honor! I am so proud of her and her accomplishments and the fact that she serves as such an inspiration to so many. Misty is only 32 years old, but she is no stranger to adversity. She was born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised in San Pedro, California.  While living in a hotel with her mom and four siblings, she was encouraged join a ballet school by her drill team coach who recognized her talent and potential. Misty became the center of a custody battle between her guardians, who were nurturing her as a ballerina, and her mother. I can only imagine how difficult that must have been for her, and yet she perservered and eventually became the third black ballerina to become a soloist. Although I haven't read it yet, "Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina," Misty's memoir, is definitely on my summer reading list. picstitch-3 Misty Copeland is not only a positive role model for African American girls everywhere, but for ALL little girls who have a dream. When asked what she would say to African American girls she said, "Believe in themselves. To dream bigger than they can ever imagine because I think those big dreams are what's going to push them to pursue more than they may have in front of them." Great advice for everyone. I feel challenged to dream BIGGER, what about you? Until next time, Stay Sweet!  

For the Love of Coffee

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Depositphotos_16872493_original Now that the warm weather has finally arrived in the northeast, I can't help but notice the abundance of iced coffee everywhere I turn. I am surrounded by coffee drinkers all day at work, and I must admit, although I will not drink it, I absolutely LOVE the aroma of coffee! With the growing popularity of every flavor of gourmet coffee imaginable, my olfactory senses are in heaven whenever I enter a Starbuck's, Dunkin Donuts or Coffee Beanery. Awhile back, I decided to try to incorporate my love for the fragrance of all things coffee within the MayaIndia product line. I included hints of vanilla, caramel and chocolate and blended them with the richly scented of coffee butter when I fragranced each product. The result was a smooth and creamy, deliciously moisturizing Mocha Late Body Frosting which contained shea butter, coffee butter and some other good- for- your- skin ingredients. FullSizeRender-24 In addition, I made a rich Smoothie Scrub that also contained coconut oil and coffee butter along with a gentle sugar exfoliant. Last but not least, there was the soap that contained Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, which also served as an exfoliant. When you put them all together, your skin was left feeling silky smooth and you were in coffee heaven! FullSizeRender-23 I think the combination of coffee, chocolate, caramel and vanilla is my favorite and if I was a coffee drinker, I would probably crave it daily. Are you a coffee drinker? If so, what's your favorite flavor? Leave your comment below. Until next time, Stay Sweet!

A Peek Inside MayaIndia's Studio

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Did you know that we get lots of inquiries about where MayaIndia's products are created? 736908_569457756401210_2108861233_o When customers learn we don't operate from a brick and mortar store they are very curious about where the "MayaIndia magic" happens :) So we decided to give you a peek behind the scenes. Several years ago, while operating my first business, Gorgeous Gifts and Gourmet Goodies, I opened a store.  After closing the store, bringing the business back home and sitting with an architect about a major home-improvement project, I decided to convert the garage into my studio. 736658_569457436401242_898641901_o The contractor used my slat wall and glass shelving from my old store and created a cozy space for me to store, create and potentially sell my products. He even added a side door so potential customers could enter from the driveway since the garage door was no longer functional. It felt so good to finally have a place dedicated strictly to Gorgeous Gifts and MayaIndia. 739683_569457629734556_1745630803_o I still operate Gorgeous Gifts, which is our line of corporate and personal gift baskets.  One of the things I love to purchase is unique packaging for the baskets, which includes spa baskets containing MayaIndia products. I am also always on the look out for delicious gourmet food items to set my custom designed baskets apart from all the other gift baskets out there. 737843_569457623067890_1840980974_oYou can imagine the amount of raw materials that also need to be stored in order to make all of the fabulous products in the MayaIndia line. Having everything in one central location is truly a lifesaver! One day we will outgrow this studio, but for now, we are thankful for the space we have to bring you the Handmade Dessert for Your Skin you have come to know and love! Until next time, Stay Sweet!   740014_569457523067900_1445029543_o 735613_569457549734564_1527688333_o

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