A Peek Inside MayaIndia's Studio

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Did you know that we get lots of inquiries about where MayaIndia's products are created? 736908_569457756401210_2108861233_o When customers learn we don't operate from a brick and mortar store they are very curious about where the "MayaIndia magic" happens :) So we decided to give you a peek behind the scenes. Several years ago, while operating my first business, Gorgeous Gifts and Gourmet Goodies, I opened a store.  After closing the store, bringing the business back home and sitting with an architect about a major home-improvement project, I decided to convert the garage into my studio. 736658_569457436401242_898641901_o The contractor used my slat wall and glass shelving from my old store and created a cozy space for me to store, create and potentially sell my products. He even added a side door so potential customers could enter from the driveway since the garage door was no longer functional. It felt so good to finally have a place dedicated strictly to Gorgeous Gifts and MayaIndia. 739683_569457629734556_1745630803_o I still operate Gorgeous Gifts, which is our line of corporate and personal gift baskets.  One of the things I love to purchase is unique packaging for the baskets, which includes spa baskets containing MayaIndia products. I am also always on the look out for delicious gourmet food items to set my custom designed baskets apart from all the other gift baskets out there. 737843_569457623067890_1840980974_oYou can imagine the amount of raw materials that also need to be stored in order to make all of the fabulous products in the MayaIndia line. Having everything in one central location is truly a lifesaver! One day we will outgrow this studio, but for now, we are thankful for the space we have to bring you the Handmade Dessert for Your Skin you have come to know and love! Until next time, Stay Sweet!   740014_569457523067900_1445029543_o 735613_569457549734564_1527688333_o
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