Started From The Bottom Now She's HERE

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! IMG_3761 Being the parent of a teenager, I am exposed to a variety of music genre, some of which I would probably never listen to if left up to me. It can be a blessing and a curse, because I have to take the good with (what I view as) the bad. There's a song by Drake called, "Started From the Bottom," where the artist speaks about his journey to fame and fortune. He wants his listeners to know he wasn't born successful, he started at the bottom- but make no mistake, he has arrived! Yesterday, I wrote about Misty Copeland, who no doubt overcame some major hurdles during her journey to her new position as principal ballerina for the American Ballet Theatre. But, have you heard the story of Michaela DePrince? Michaela was born in poverty in Sierra Leone. Her father was shot by rebels and soon after her mother died from starvation. The villagers referred to her as the "devil child" because she had a skin condition called vitiligo and at three years old, was left to die. picstitch-5 A family member eventually put her in an orphanage and although she was ranked by the orphanage as least likely to be adopted, she was, by an American couple. Michaela began taking ballet lessons as a little girl, and the rest is history! IMG_3749 She is one of very few black classically trained ballerinas and a true example of hope and inspiration for  little brown girls everywhere. Michaela's book, co-written with her mother called "Taking Flight," is another addition to my summer reading list. I am in awe of this young lady and her drive and tenacity. She is another example of how, regardless of our start in life, we can achieve our biggest dreams. Joel Osteen once said, "What appears to be a set back, is actually a Set Up!" Are you ready for your set up? I am! picstitch-4 Until next time, Stay Sweet!
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