Silly Rabbit, Soap is for Bathing

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Yesterday, I talked about how inspired I am by so many delicious sweet treats I see everywhere I go. 486551_504114526268867_1696492077_n 399514_504114609602192_1006701221_n   I try my absolute best to create a product that looks and smells authentic. There is an extra special effort made to keep a close eye on the children who usually run to my table because, after all, once they see something yummy they naturally want to taste it. We also engage them in conversation and explain how our products are used and receive one of three reactions: 1. Disappointment: "Awwww man, (insert sad face) I can't eat it?!!" 2. Disbelief: "No way! You're making that up." 3. Further intrigue: "For real? How do you do that???" However, I must confess, although one would think the children are the ones who would eat my products, wouldn't you know that EVERY time this has happened, the culprit has been an adult! The chocolates pictured above were the first item ever "sampled" by a customer. Even with signs prominently displayed asking the public not to eat my products, there have been incidents! 665951_548114541868865_1993799692_o   After the second time someone ate one of my products (see the brownie pictured below), 10646740_936293096384339_266459794833434525_n one of my customers, who also happens to be a graphic designer, made a beautiful sign for me. I think she felt my frustration and thought that if the sign was very colorful it would stand out and be noticed, and so far, it's working- thanks Sue! IMG_1581 It's not uncommon for guests to visit my home, see a display of treats and hesitantly ask, "Is this real or is this soap?" At this point, everyone knows they need to ask before tasting! 10171688_826722954008021_5615842833943742141_nGUM DROP SOAPS       I suppose that's why it baffles my mind that a customer would help themselves to a hearty bite of Brownie Soap, and then look astonished when they realize it wasn't for human consumption! Well, on the positive side, I suppose I should be happy that I am meeting my goal, to provide a quality product that looks and smells authentic and is also good for your skin. Mission accomplished! What are your thoughts? Do you think a dessert line of bath products is too confusing to the public? Until next time, Stay Sweet!  
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