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Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Often when selling our products at events, our customers are so intrigued by our dessert line of soaps they want to eat them! (Maybe we can talk about that tomorrow). 10484284_920171504663165_66018503769308779_o Of course, you know I'm just fooling around with that Banana Pudding Soap, right? After I establish the fact that our products are for external use only, I usually get a barrage of questions. The number one question my customers ask is, "Where did the inspiration come from to create soaps that look like dessert?" As we established yesterday, I am a foodie. What I didn't tell you yesterday is I am especially fond of delicious homemade desserts. As a young girl, my mother taught me to bake and she even passed down some coveted secret family recipes. I lost my Mom almost two years ago, but I am comforted by memories such as these. Here's a photo my Dad took of  me learning to bake with Mom. Well, at five, I was probably perfecting the art of licking the bowl! Eventually I will pass these family recipes down to my daughters too. Although right now, they don't seem to be interested in learning to make the cakes, just eat them! 247548_638214789525506_2133207716_n I can't begin to explain how I loved eating her cakes. Each buttery piece literally melted on my tongue as soon as I ate it. The burst of vanilla, sugar and butter would totally delight your senses, and if I close my eyes and concentrate, I can almost taste her Butter Pound Cake right now! I believe I channel my love for (real) baked goods when making my soap creations. My husband calls me a "mad scientist" as I blend fragrances to achieve the most authentic scent to accompany the most realistic looking desserts. BROWNIE SOAP   459257_510590415621278_1686406072_o         CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE SOAP     Whenever I walk into a bakery, I am overwhelmed by fragrances, colors and designs. Every little detail draws me in and I try to find ways to incorporate them in my products whenever possible. Here's a photo I grabbed off of the internet of some pretty yummy looking donuts. On the top are actual (edible) donuts, below are my (soap) donuts. My goal is to always create a quality product that's great for the skin and looks as authentic as possible. How did I do? What type of dessert soap should I try next? picstitch Until next time, Stay Sweet!
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