If It Has Vegetables On It, Is It Healthy?

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! I'm not sure if I've actually said this out loud to you before, but I am a foodie! IMG_3575 I enjoy delicious foods and can be somewhat adventurous when experimenting with various types of cuisine. In my younger years, it really didn't matter what I ate or how much of it I ate, I was able to maintain a fabulous figure without even trying. Then something happened. Sometime after I gave birth to my last child, it became more and more difficult to maintain my perfect size 8 frame. Like many people in our society, I became increasingly aware of my weight and watched it do incredible things like make my face look fat, create a little pouch where I once had nice abs, cause my pants to feel extra snug- you get the point. Isn't it interesting how I blamed the issue on the weight and not what I was doing to gain the weight? So I adopted a new philosophy- if it has vegetables in or on it, then it's healthy. That sounded good to me and I rationalized that my favorite pizza- tomato and mozzeralla with a balsamic glaze, was a healthy lunch. (Are you laughing at me?) Well, I think deep down in my heart of hearts, I knew this wasn't really factual, and decided this week I was going to do something different. Yesterday, I purchased lost of fruits, yogurt, spinach and I plan to make a yummy smoothie for dinner. My goal is to have one healthy smoothie each day for a week and increase to two smoothies by next week. In two weeks, I will be on vacation for the summer and I suppose I need to begin to exercise also. I must admit, I am motivated by an invitation to attend a wedding in sunny Jamaica, in August. I am determined to wear a bathing suit without feeling self conscious. That gives me a little time to make a little progress. I hope you will cheer me on as I attempt to take control and begin my new healthy eating regimen. It's ok for you to hold me accountable, I always work better with a partner. After all, I guess just because it has vegetables on it, that doesn't really make it healthy. Until next time, Stay Sweet!
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