The Children Have What We Need

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! This morning, I spent some time reflecting on my pastor's Sunday message, which was about children. The girls smiling FullSizeRender (3)   in this photo represent two of my three children. You see, yesterday we celebrated Children's Day in our church and the youth ran the program. The pastor's sermon was based on the scripture John 6:1-12, a story many of us know about the miracle Jesus performed with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread that fed five thousand people. In reading the text, the pastor brought our attention to the fact that there were thousands of adults present, yet Phillip suggested they consider enlisting the assistance of a young boy, who was in possession of the food that ultimately fed the masses. The child had what they needed. When I went home and reflected on the message and how it applied to my life, I thought about my own children and how much of a blessing they have been to me. For as long as I have been their Mommy, they have had what I needed. Parenthood comes with many joys and challenges, but I am quick to remind myself that there are lessons to be learned in each new experience, good and not so good. I have three children, and I truly believe I have sharpened my skill set while rearing each child. When I reflected further on the Sunday message,  I had to acknowledge that, if it wasn't for them, there would be no MayaIndia. My daughters had a condition (eczema), that was the catalyst behind me deciding to create a remedy (Body Frosting) to alleviate their discomfort. Hence the birth of MayaIndia. Now that they are older, they have the ability to provide me with assistance in the areas of fragrance selection, new product launches, marketing, sales and of course, technology. I can't deny that they have what I need. As I look back on this journey called motherhood, I can say it's been an honor and a privilege to be the person they call Mommy. It is my belief that we are all God's children and He hand picks us to parent our babies and do the best job we can with them. I've watched them grow into smart, respectful, caring individuals that have so much to offer. I know, without a doubt, they have what we need. IMG_3482IMG_1906775145_579573142056338_1027665700_o   Until next time, Stay Sweet!
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