The Shampoo Bar Is A Hit

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! A few posts ago, I told you I had been receiving requests for hair care products. FullSizeRender-34 I believe I shared that we would be offering a Hair Butter, Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, Hair Glaze and Hair Serum. There was also a Shampoo Bar (pictured above), which we sold at the African Street Festival during the Memorial Weekend. I recently received my first review about our Shampoo Bar from Cynthia, and the feedback was phenomenal! Here's a snippet of her response: "This was my first time using a shampoo bar. I like that you put the instructions on the back label, very convenient. The bar was easy to use and suds like crazy. My hair was very clean after one wash. The scent is very appealing while not overpowering." She went on to critique the Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, "Next I used the conditioner and the smell is great. It was easy to apply to the hair and worked as a good detangler. I left it on while I showered then rinsed it out. My curls were very well defined and my hair was super shiny." She actually had a whole lot more to say, but judging from this portion of her review, I feel confident she was pleased with the product. She ended her review by placing an order for more conditioner! It looks like we may be adding a line of natural hair care products to the MayaIndia family sooner than we thought. We will continue to work on it, but keep your eyes peeled. It may look something like this: FullSizeRender-35 Until next time, Stay Sweet!
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