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Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! Your MayaIndia Crew will be traveling back to Jamaica this summer! Remember the bridal shower I attended a few weeks ago for one of my sorority sisters? FullSizeRender-18 She has planned a destination wedding on the island of Jamaica, and we have been invited to attend. Several months ago, she decided to give special gifts to the members of her bridal party and consulted with me to create something unique. She told me her wedding color scheme would be purple and ivory and allowed me creative license to do my thing. I made her some beach themed soaps shaped like starfish and conch shells scented with a fresh, ocean fragrance. In addition, I included a small tea light candle and a custom designed foaming bath salt. The salts were scented with a blend of Caribbean fruit fragrances and colored to replicate the Jamaican flag. I poured the colored salts in layers into small heart shaped glass bottles with mini corks and tied them off with a purple ribbon. These items were then arranged in round ivory boxes and tied with gorgeous purple satin ribbons. IMG_2686 FullSizeRender-39               She loved this gift idea for her bridesmaids and her fiancé had planned to give his groomsmen bottles of Appleton Rum, a popular spirit in Jamaica. Of course, I had to add a little flair to their gifts as well, and after she shared her vision, she again allowed me to do my thing :) Eash bottle was individually wrapped with cello and tied off with a purple satin ribbon, then cradled in purple tissue paper and tucked into a white box. I then tied an additional ribbon around each box. FullSizeRender-38It made a very impressive presentation upon opening and everyone was pleased with their gifts. IMG_2692 We are looking forward to being present for their special day and of course, we promise to share pictures so you can experience it with us. Have you ever attended a destination wedding? Share your experiences below, we'd love to hear about it. Until next time, Stay Sweet!  
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