MayaIndia Got "Lucky" Last Year

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! This September will mark one year since my participation in Get Lucky Live. IMG_1315 In case you don't remember, that was the four day whirlwind event I attended in Atlanta hosted by the incomparable Lela Barker. I had taken several virtual classes with Lela before, but GLL was on a whole other level. This lady and her team left no detail unattended as they stretched me and pushed me to take a different approach to my business- way beyond my wildest imagination. There were lots of laughs, a few tears, delicious food and some hellified sessions going on during those four days. At the conclusion, I could only describe it as "Harry Potter magical." IMG_1314 In addition to imparting a wealth of knowledge, Lela arranged product photo sessions with Elea Lutz. Here's a picture I snapped of her styling my products. IMG_1317 I never knew what went on behind the scenes of an actual product photo shoot. Elea consulted with me to determine my vision- and then she nailed it with that camera of hers! IMG_1316 She is not only the sweetest lady ever, she takes pictures that are to die for. I absolutely LOVED the pictures she took, but this one right here..... I have no words. IMG_1320   I have been slowly and methodically applying the knowledge I gained at GLL and can see things beginning to happen as a result. I am a true believer that slow and steady wins the race, so we are not rushing things. Even though Lela called her event Get Lucky Live, I can guarantee you that for me, luck had nothing to do with anything. I live such a blessed life, God has been repeatedly shifting things in my direction. I just continue to do my part with some theme music playing in my head, Everyday I'm Hustlin'. IMG_3866 Until next time, Stay Sweet!  
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