Introducing Coffee Butter, the Ingredient of the Month

Hey MayaIndia Sweeties! This month I bring you Coffee Butter, a rich, creamy butter that emits the intoxicating fragrance of fresh brewed coffee. For all of my java lovers, this butter is for YOU! I know lots of people who can't seem to get their day going without coffee. Personally, I never acquired a taste for coffee, but I absolutely LOVE the aroma! FullSizeRender-4 So what's so good about Coffee Butter you ask? Well, besides the wonderful fragrance, this smooth, creamy butter can be blended with other butters to create a delicious, skin loving all over body moisturizer that has lots of great benefits. For instance, did you know that besides being a very luxurious butter, Coffee Butter also adds elasticity to dry skin by assisting with moisture retention and it's becoming a poplar ingredient in sunscreen? Sounds pretty good, right?   Let me tell you how I like to use my Coffee Butter. I love to add it to my Handmade Soaps, Smoothie Scrubs and of course, my special Body Frosting blend. I even add some coffee grounds to the scrubs for additional exfoliation! If you're curious and would like to add Coffee Butter to your daily routine, shoot me an email at and let's talk about your needs. FullSizeRender-5 Until next time, Stay Sweet!
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